Vacation Bible School Crafts

Written by Shirley Parker
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Some children never have the opportunity to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS) or participate in its crafts activities. However, many neighborhoods do receive colorful brochures in the late spring, inviting parents to sign up their children before the popular classes fill. The members of Faith Baptist Church, or other local congregations, might distribute the literature.

Churches will also hang wide banners on buildings, announcing their Vacation Bible School event. The lettering is large enough that passing motorists can read it without creating a traffic hazard. Often, VBS is a five-day event. It may be aimed at specific age groups, such as those who'll be entering kindergarten up to sixth grade in the fall. Some VBS directors are able to offer classes and crafts for younger children, as well as for those who'll be in seventh through ninth grade.

Many crafts are offered during the special week, generally with the objective of leading children to the Savior by teaching basic tenets. These include the fact that God Listens, and Provides, and Forgives, among others. Jungle or Safari themes are popular, since children will recognize an adventure. On the other hand, New Testament characters may be portrayed, since the lives of many of those individuals were never the same after coming into contact with the Savior or his disciples. In addition to learning from puppets or role-playing in skits, children may make wall hangings and foam fish, paint gourds, or construct crafts representing the seven days of creation.

Resources for Vacation Bible School Crafts

At least half a dozen publishers have been a specific resource for Vacation Bible School directors for many years. The best produce multiple craft kits, guidebooks and videos, and now provide other modern technology, such as a personalized website. Directors know they can rely on these suppliers, as well as newer ones. The actual teaching materials from Vacation Bible School can also be used in Sunday School or summer camp programs.

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