Vogue Knitting

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Vogue Knitting is a great resource for anyone who loves knitting and fashion. You can either read Vogue Knitting by picking a copy up at your local news stand, subscribing, or visiting Vogue Knitting online. I like the online resource, since I spend so much time on the Internet, anyway. The magazine is ideal if you're one of those "magazine folks" who just loves having lots of juicy fashion mags around the house. It's also easier to look at patterns when you're actually holding a copy in your hand.

Inspiration from Vogue Knitting

Fashion magazines are a great source of inspiration, I find. You can get all sorts of cool ideas for clothing projects of your own. Simple knitting instructions keep all the projects within your grasp. However, for knitting patterns, I prefer looking at a wider variety of resources.

One of my favorite places to find patters is online. I like looking for old, Vintage patterns. Vintage patterns let me make all the cool crocheted ponchos and hats I love. It's like taking a time machine to someone's old haute couture closet. When I crochet a new piece from an old pattern, it always gets so many compliments.

The Internet is a great place for finding more traditional patterns, too. If you want to make an afghan, a scarf, or a tam, I suggest looking online first. Knitters love sharing their secrets, so you'll be able to find lots of great tips, in addition to great patterns and supplies.

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