Wedding Scrapbook Supplies

Written by Liza Hartung
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I can't help but want to get married when I look at wedding scrapbook supplies. Obviously, making scrapbooks isn't reason enough to wed, but for a few moments, it seems plenty valid to me. I was in a scrapbooking store not too long ago, and I saw the cutest little accent of white roses. They weren't flat like a sticker, but made with fabric. They would have been perfect affixed to the corner of a photo of the happy couple.

Most wedding scrapbook supplies consist of things that are lacy, satin-like, white, off-white and black. You can make some very gorgeous and creative scrapbooks just keeping in that color theme. Some people, however, may choose to make their book in the colors of their wedding. Another option, that I have seen done very effectively, is to make the actual wedding portion in typical wedding colors. When you get to the reception, make the colors livelier.

Perusing Wedding Scrapbook Supplies

I am of the belief that you can't have too many wedding scrapbook supplies. Of course, this could just be because of my fondness for them. The number of wedding cake accents alone is enough to inspire several pages of layouts. In fact, something that's very cute is to have a page where the photos make the shape of a wedding cake. Line it with flowers or hearts.

Basic cutouts of a bride and groom make great borders. You also might want to take a cutout of the same shape, but make it the size of the page and place a dried flower from your bouquet over it. Even over that, you could add a sheet of vellum with brads in the corners. Brads are like little metal snaps, similar to eyelets but without holes in the center, and can be found at online and retail scrapbook stores.

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