Wedding Scrapbooks

Written by Liza Hartung
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I find that wedding scrapbooks are some of the most beautiful out there. Perhaps this is because the entire scrapbook is dedicated to a day of celebrating love. Everyone wants to preserve his or her wedding day one way or another. Some people videotape it, most keep a photo of their wedding day in a nice frame, and everyone takes pictures.

It used to be that you would take your precious photos and put them in a nice, padded white photo album. Now, however, with the scrapbooking technology available today, you can keep those fond memories alive with accents, journaling, beautiful layouts and gorgeous photo mats. By today's technology, I am talking about the ways that we have now in which to protect your photos and entire scrapbook. Acid and lignin free paper will keep your photos fresh for decades. Using permanent, waterproof and fade resistant markers means that your journaling will be legible for a long time.

Top loading page protectors are now becoming standard in scrapbook albums. These methods of safeguarding are particularly important with wedding scrapbooks because weddings are such memorable events. When you are not working on your scrapbook, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight. The sun can fade photos and colorful pages faster than you ever thought possible.

Accents for Wedding Scrapbooks

It is perhaps the most fun to go shopping for accents when working on wedding scrapbooks. In addition to all the basic wedding stickers and decorations, you can also use any packages meant for Valentine's Day. Some people like to put a cupid or two in their wedding book. It's always appropriate to have a sticker or a 3D version of the bouquet. I had a friend who made a miniature bouquet just like her real one. She put it right on the first page with the main picture of her and her husband.

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