Wholesale Silk Screening Embroidery

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Wholesale silk screening embroidery designs are an inexpensive and fun way to get your name out there. Whether you are the owner of a small business or the director of an independent film, you want people to recognize your product. Adding wholesale silk screening embroidery to t-shirts, ball caps, jackets, ski caps and other clothing products will allow your friends and customers to advertise your product for you.

Hiring Wholesale Silk Screening Embroidery Designers

When choosing the company that will perform your wholesale silk screening embroidery for you, I recommend you search via the Internet. The Internet is just a great way to find wholesale products of all kinds. It's also the easiest way to comparison shop, and in turn, to find the best bargains and ideas.

You can choose the right company for you in two different ways. First, you can choose a company that specializes in embroidery, like a fabric designer or clothing company. Your second option is to choose a company that specializes in promotions. I personally think the latter is a better choice, especially if you are also looking for other promo tie ins, like personalized pens, bumper stickers, and so on.

Try to give away apparel designs people would actually want to wear. I know that sounds obvious, but apparently it isn't. I've noticed that a lot of companies give away t-shirts that are only in extra large or extra-extra large. Sure, anyone can wear an extra large t-shirt, but who wants to? Visit any thrift shop, and you'll see whole racks of gigantic promotional t-shirts that no one ever wanted to wear. The first rule of promotional clothing is, if you want the client to wear your logo, give them clothing they would actually want to wear.

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