Wood Craft Supplies

Written by Shirley Parker
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In some fortunate backgrounds are the good smells we remember from childhood: grandma's baking, grandpa's briar pipe, dad's workshop, with its fresh-cut wood and varnish. None of this required a great deal of cash, except for dad's woodworking tools. Some of those were heirlooms, passed on by loving hands grown too unsteady to use them safely. Much of the wood was carefully salvaged from old houses, or presented to him as a thank you for something else.

The first things we remember dad making are little horses or cars or engines on wheels. Or maybe he built a wagon that Mom towed us around the block in, coming back with a bag of groceries between our knees. Always there was a store that would let her bring the wagon and us inside with her.

The wooden parts today can be purchased pre-cut and even sanded for those who live in condos and aren't allowed the use of even a scroll saw or belt sander. Table saws almost always require one's own home and garage, or a community workshop, since the whine can be clearly heard down the block. Some local hobby or do-it-yourself stores might have wood mushroom buttons, yo-yo kits, candlesticks, dowels, and napkin rings. If not, they can be ordered from websites that stock a long list of wood craft supplies.

Additional Needed Supplies

Outside of tools briefly mentioned, you'll need paints, epoxy, wood screws, brushes, and perhaps clock movements if you're building clocks. Depending on the project, you might need doll making kits, that is, hair, eyes and glasses. Hinges, hasps, and drawer pulls, along with felt, magnets, and mirrors could all be on the list when you've fallen in love with wood crafts.

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