2003 World Fact Book

Written by Kellen Hertz
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The 2003 World Fact Book provides information on countries all over the world as gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency. Government publications and government manuals provide the citizens of the United States and people all over the world with access to information gathered by the top agencies. You can use the information contained in this publication for a number of different applications.

There are a number of different categories of information included in the 2003 World Fact Book. You can find a great deal of geographic information including detailed maps from the many regions around the world. These maps included general geographic data as well as map of standard time zones and a political map of the world.

Where to Purchase a Copy of the 2003 World Fact Book

The 2003 World Fact Book has some new additions that make it an even more valuable reference tool. In addition, this publication is available online and is updated on a monthly basis from the website. The printed version is updated once a year and contains information that is useful for understanding any changes in economic factors, population and employment trends, and geographic data.

This publication is written in a style that is both accessible to the general public and government officials alike. You can take the data from this publication and apply it to a number of different social and economic programs. You can find this publication from at any bookstore that carries government publications. You can also find a number of online resources that sell this book at discount prices. Many of these online companies offer excellent shipping reductions and discounts on larger purchases.

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