Cfr Title 33

Written by Kellen Hertz
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CFR Title 33 is devoted to navigation and navigable waters. The title is comprised of three volumes with a total of 42 different chapters. This publication is part of a larger government publication called the Code of Federal Regulations. The CFR is made of 50 total titles. This seems like a lot of information, but the CFR contains rules and regulations from government agencies that specialize in a number of different fields.

CFR Title 33 contains a great deal of detail and is an amazing reference for anyone who is interested in federal guidelines for pollution, Naval and Coast Guard Codes of Conduct, preventing piracy, water quality improvement efforts, flood prevention, and national coastal monitoring. These subjects and many more are covered in depth in the chapters of this three-volume set. You can also purchase individual volumes if you are looking for specific information.

Where to Find CFR Title 33

When it comes to finding a reliable resource of government publications and legal documents like CFR Title 33, you can find some great deals online. In recent years more and more online companies have started selling the Code of Federal Regulations and the many Titles available in the set. The titles are published on a quarterly cycle and the publication dates are listed online.

You can find many of the titles available at local libraries, law libraries and even online. For many different industries it is necessary to obtain a copy of Title 33 for reference and research purposes. For example, people who practice environmental law, and environmental watchdog agencies refer to this title to help ensure major companies are sticking to the letter of the law regarding waste management and river protection policies.

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