Cfr Title 46

Written by Rylee Newton
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The Code of Federal Regulations is one of the most sought after government publications to date. Included in this publication is a great deal of information from government agencies regarding regulations, general practices and procedures, and changes in law over time. Within the Code of Federal Regulations is a listing of fifty different Titles that detail the specific regulations of each of the responding agencies.

Included in the Code of Federal Regulations is CFR Title 46. This is a nine-volume set that addresses the subject of shipping in the United States. There are four chapters contained in this set, and each one of these chapters includes a series of subchapters as well. This publication, like so many other official government publications, is highly organized for easy access to specific topics.

Information Contained in CFR Title 46

One of the main things addressed in CFR Title 46 is homeland security. There are several chapters that address this topic as it related to the Coast Guard's role in protecting and monitoring our shores. Much of this information has been updated to meet the changes in policy due to a greater awareness of our need to protect our shores from terrorists and other dangers.

Included in CFR Title 46 is information from the Department of Transportation and the Maritime Administration. These agencies work closely with government and private shipping agencies to ensure that the highest standards are upheld. You can find this publication and the specific areas addressed by each of the nine volumes by logging onto the Internet. There are a number of informative online sources that sell government publications to all kinds of different customers. You can even find online suppliers that offer special discounts for bulk orders, as well as reasonable shipping and handling rates.

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