Civil Law

Written by Kellen Hertz
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Civil law is a practice that dates back to the Romans and is based on written legal codes. This type of law differs from the type of law practiced in most of the United States called common law. Common law is based on the concept of legal precedent, which can change or evolve over time. Louisiana is the only state in the country that defers to the Romans when determining legal matters rather than using the principles of common law.

If you practice law in the state of Louisiana you can find a number of law books that address the specific legal codes for this state. One of the great things about modern technology is the ability to shop for books and other important articles for your trade from the comfort of your own computer. Rather than tracking down a bookstore that sells the books you need you can find them online in a matter of minutes.

Resources for Civil Law Information

Since the tradition of civil law is reserved for just one state in this country, it's a good idea to look at another definition for this term. Rather than criminal law, which deals with crimes and punishment or public law, which addresses larger legal matters of the federal and state governments, civil law addresses private legal matters.

When it come to finding law books and government publications you can find a number of titles to meet your reference material needs. Many law firms have extensive collections to ensure that they have easy access to the laws of the land. It's important to update these materials as new precedents are set every year. You can find everything from legal dictionaries to study guides and CFR Titles for specific areas of specialization online or from legal resources in your area.

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