Country Studies

Written by Kellen Hertz
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Country studies are government publications produced by a division of the Library of Congress. These studies provide the same kind of information as the World Fact Book for a number of important countries around the world, but they tend to carry the tone of the individual author, rather than the uniformity you will find in other official government publications.

Country Studies are popular for a number of different purposes including research, international relations and policy making, education and even tourism and international trade. You can find these studies through the Government Printing Office, or log onto the Internet to find a company that is authorized to sell them directly. You can find a great selection and some discounts when you shop online.

Investing in Country Studies

When you review Country Studies you get more than just statistics about the 101 countries included in the complete set. You can purchase individual studies for specific areas of concern or specific research needs. Among the many research tools you can have a your disposable many different industries find this an indispensable tool. You can review the content of these studies by checking out the official website for the Library of Congress and related links.

Some of the things included in these studies are detailed maps, charts, and photos of the country of your choice. You will also find demographic information that includes things like religion, population statistics, educational facilities, and climate reports. You will also find a great deal of information about the social climate of the countries around the world, including the major political parties and affiliations. In addition, you can find out a great deal of information about the history of the people of any given country, and major changes to the country over the years.

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