Crime In The United States

Written by Kellen Hertz
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Crime in the United States is one of the official government publications that provides statistics for a number of different types of criminal activities in a given year. This publication helps to track trends in crime, increases in local crime rates and the overall national crime rate over time. Some people refer to this document to help make relocation decisions while others use this reference tool to convince politicians, local police and citizens as a whole to concrete their efforts on reducing crime in cities across America.

Crime in the United States is comprised of voluntary crime reporting statistics from more than 17,000 law enforcement agencies around the country. This type of reporting helps to ensure that the statistics are accurate and that the numbers cover most of the major cities and small towns in the country. This information is then gathered, sorted and ultimately printed for viewing.

The Authoritative Publication for Crime in the United States

Reporting information to the FBI for publication in Crime in the United States is a standardized process. Reporting bodies are given a clear cut set of criteria for organizing crime into one of eight categories. This uniformity in crime reporting was originally introduced by a body comprised of Chiefs of Police from around the country in 1929. The FBI took over publishing responsibilities for this information the following year.

Included in this publication from the Federal Bureau of Investigations is a listing of annual arrests and law enforcement employment statistics. You can also find a number of other publications that deal with specific offenses like hate crimes and crimes against law enforcement officers. Reviewing information in these three publications can provide insight into law enforcement trends. The FBI website warns against using the data from these publications to measure the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and general law enforcement practices.

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