Dictionary Of Occupational Titles

Written by Rylee Newton
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The Dictionary of Occupational Titles is one of the many government publications that are used by job placement facilities and career exploration instructors to provide an overview of the many different employment options available today. This publication describes jobs based on a coding system that is easy for computer systems to interpret and analyze. It is also extremely accessible to anyone who wants to research career choices.

The Dictionary of Occupational Titles is often used in conjunction with other source materials such as the Occupational Outlook Handbook. These publications provide job seekers and job placement professionals with information such as job descriptions, workplace conditions, educational requirements, and earning potential for more than 12,000 different types of jobs. The dictionary version is organized by job title, but it is also is organized using codes for specific job titles.

Where to Find the Dictionary of Occupational Titles

Many different people invest in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. This publication is useful for a number of different applications. Law firms invest in this publication for a number of different research purposes. This is especially the case for law firms that specialize in labor laws and immigration law. A number of different educational facilities also invest in this publication to provide students with access to career information, and for job placement programs.

The U.S. Department of Labor produces the aforementioned vocational dictionary. It is available online through a number of different suppliers who have been certified though to sell this official government publication. You can also find this publication in a number of libraries throughout the country. Many school libraries and employment placement facilities also provide access to this publication o visitors and customers.

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