Government Law Books

Written by Kellen Hertz
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As any law school student knows you need to have a clear understanding of black letter law as well as federal and state regulations before you can practice law in this country. This means hours of pouring over law books, government publications, and government law books. If you know a law school student, or you're thinking about getting into the legal profession, it's a good idea to find a reliable resource for books and other study aids.

Government law books cover a variety of topics including the federal government, federal and state courts, and specific areas of law such as taxes, consumer rights, crime, and even environmental protection just to name a few. Once you have a basic understanding of the legal tenets of this society, you will need to keep a great deal of books on hand for reference during your legal career.

Government Law Books and Other Reference Materials

Most law schools provide government law books to their students through the use of the law library. Access to the library is a great way to look up specific information about a particular case, or glance through reference materials that you don't normally use on a daily basis. Time constraints and budget constraints mean you will have to share these materials with other students and you cannot take them with you for further study. In recent times law school students have subscribed to legal search engines for additional research as well. One of the most popular resources is the Lexis/Nexis search engine, which provides a great deal of current and historic information for items related to law and the media.

You can find a number of online resources for books pertaining to the law and the government. Many of the top government agencies sell their manuals, reports, and other publications from their websites. You can also find a number of companies that are authorized to sell official government publications and law books to the public as well.

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