Government Office Publications

Written by Kellen Hertz
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The Government Printing Office provides an exhaustive list of government office publications from a number of government agencies. These government publications are broken down into the three branches of the government: the legislative, the executive and the judicial. You can find official government publications on just about any topic that concerns the American public today.

One of the most common uses for Government office publications is for the legal profession. Lawyers in every field need to have the latest information from the government specific to their fields of expertise. The last thing you can afford to do in the legal field is fall behind in your information resources. You need to know the latest regulations and official rulings if you plan on relying on precedent and the letter of the law in presenting any case.

Information Covered in Government Office Publications
Government office publications cover everything from the type of trees that grow best in a particular region of the country, to rules and regulations for Navy diving missions. You can find a complete listing of all of the publications available by checking out the official website for the GPO. This website can also provide you with a listing of libraries in your area where you can find these publications.

You can also find many of the top government publications by searching for private sellers online. The cost for these publications is often fixed, but you can find some companies that offer special deals. You can purchase entire volumes by the different agencies of the federal government or you can find specific titles if you don't want to clutter your office with unnecessary publications. You can even find historical information, data from Congressional hearings and a information for younger readers that are looking to learn about the government.

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