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Written by Rylee Newton
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Since the earliest days of this great country citizens have had access to government publications and reports. This country was built on freedom of speech and expression, and nothing can stand in the way of our tradition of open access to the daily business of our elected officials. As long as citizens have access to government manuals, reports and publications, the tradition of a government by the people and for the people will never be in jeopardy.

You can find a number of different publications for your research needs. All kinds of different people review these reports for a number of different reasons. You can find publications that provide statistical analysis of population, crime, law and even popular career choices. You can use this information to check the voting history of elected officials, or review the progress and policies of the President of the United States. It really is up to you to determine how much you wish to be involved in the process of governing this country.

Government Publications For Legal Professionals

Government publications are extremely useful to people who practice law in the United States. You can use these publications and government manuals for reference in cases where you need to establish precedence or violations of the state or federal laws. When you refer to publications produced by regulatory bodies or elected officials you add legitimacy to your arguments and authority to your overall presence in court.

Every year new laws make it on to the record books. Despite partisan politics and other limitations to the power of Congress, there are still a number of policy changes that take effect every year. When you are in the market for legal materials, you can find a number of government law books that can provide you with the latest changes to federal and state laws.

The More You Know ...

People from a number of different fields also refer to government publications on a daily basis. You can find so much useful information in these documents that many different industries rely on these publications for their research and policy making needs. You can use these publications to predict trends, identify population shifts and understand the inner workings of the federal government. Every state in the country publishes information that is useful for a number of different applications as well.

People in the media refer to government publications to ensure that politicians and other public figures are presenting true and accurate information to the public. Many times members of the media use these reports to conduct investigative journalism reports of their own. This long-standing tradition of freedom of the press and the access to government documents is one of the fundamental guarantees of citizenship in the United States of America.

Your Resource for Publications from the Federal, State and Local Government

You have a number of options when it comes to purchasing government publications. You can purchase these documents from distributors that specialize in legal materials and annual publications. Some government documents are available to the public free of charge. You can find more information about these documents by contacting the government agencies directly or by searching online for free publications from the federal, local and state government bodies.

If you want to find the latest government publications one of your best bets is to log onto the Internet. Unless you live in the nation's capital or you live in your state capital city you cannot find these publications in most bookstores. There are always exceptions to this rule, but in general you will need to order these books over the phone or online. The Government Printing Office, or GPO allows a number of different companies to distribute its materials.

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