Written by Rylee Newton
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As a law school student you have a number of study aids at your disposal that help to ensure you understand the material. These study aids include things like commercial outlines, nutshells and hornbooks. These materials provide a different perspective on your course material, and also provide you with a way to organize what can otherwise be an overwhelming amount of information.

You can purchase law books and study aids such as hornbooks from your school bookstore. You can also find these books as well as a number of relevant government publications by searching for them online. When you shop online you can often find great deals on publications, flash cards, sample tests and other educational materials. If you are on a fixed budget you can always visit your law library for reference materials and study aids. Normally these materials cannot be checked out, which tends to limit your study schedule.

Supplement Your Education with Hornbooks

While researching the subject of legal study aids, I ran across the term "black letter law" over and over again. According to several sources, this term covers generally accepted legal principles that are undisputed and free from doubt. When you use study aids that cover black letter law, you verse yourself in the general principles of your chosen profession, and create a type of backbone for your study of the legal profession.

Hornbooks typically cover a specific area of the law. These books are written by professionals who specialize in a particular legal field and have spent years working in that field. If you are having trouble understanding a particular subject or you want to test your understanding of your course work, these study aids can provide you with common questions and answers to validate your comprehension of the subject matter.

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