Louisiana History

Written by Kellen Hertz
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When it comes to finding Louisiana history books you can find some amazing resources at your local library or nearby bookstore. In recent years more and more booksellers have joined the Internet shopping craze by offering selections online. If you're searching for something specific about the history of the state of Louisiana you can perform your own search online. Often this search yields government publications, memoirs from natives, historical perspectives, geographic information, and even law books that are specific to the state.

When it comes to Louisiana history the first thing you need to know is this state's rich history and French culture. In 1682 an explorer named La Salle claimed landed in an area on the shores of the Mississippi that he would name Louisiana after King Louis XIV. For years the French and other Europeans occupied this part of the country and were known for fur trade and other commercial adventures.

A Brief Overview of Louisiana History

As Louisiana History goes several different countries claimed this territory before it ultimately came to be a part of the United States, in what some have called one of the greatest real estate acquisitions in history, the Louisiana Purchase. In 1803 Napoleon agreed to sell the Spanish region of Louisiana to then President Thomas Jefferson. This purchase would add more than 800,000 square miles to the size of the United States.

While this is a broad overview of the history of the state of Louisiana, you can find more detailed books that take you through the different occupations, and even explore the cultural history of this region. Many people have images of this state in our heads from the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans to the swamps and marches that cover much of the state. You can visit the area to view the amazing history that is still very much intact in this part of the country. You can also find a number of tourist and travel books that can help you explore the history of the state and plan your vacation there.

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