Postal Zip Code Directory

Written by Kellen Hertz
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The Postal Zip Code Directory is printed annually and is available as a two-volume publication from the United States Post Office. When you need address information at your fingertips this is the authoritative reference tool for postal codes for anywhere in the country. This is an essential tool for mass mailing campaigns, as well as any of your general correspondence needs.

You can purchase the Postal Zip Code Directory by shopping online. This is just one of the many government publications or government manuals you will find in libraries throughout the country. You can expect shipment of this product within two weeks of your order. The standard list price for this publication is $31, which you can write off as a business expense if you're using it for business affairs.

Viewing the Postal Zip Code Directory From Your Computer

In this day and age you can log onto the Internet to find out the zip code for just about any location in the country. The Post Office itself offers this service to online visitors. For this reason, many people and business managers prefer to purchase the CD-Rom version of the Postal Zip Code Directory. This disk provides you with the same kind of information you would find in the hard copy, and many other special features as well.

When you purchase the CD-Rom version you can also print reports and allows you to view all of the information contained in the hard copy as well. You can perform address look up functions and know that the information is accurate. You don't have to worry that your packages will be sent to the wrong location because you trusted an unofficial online resource to provide you with zip code information. This disk also provides a great deal of information about Zip plus four. This is a zip code plus a four-digit number that helps speed up delivery and sorting times.

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