United States Government Manuals

Written by Kellen Hertz
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United States government manuals cover a broad range of subjects. People refer to government publications for research for fields such as law, the media, education, politics, and even financial funding. Anyone who wants to review information can do so thanks to the open society we live in today. Official government publications help to ensure that the officials are accountable for their actions, and the citizens of this country have access to major policy changes, laws, and election results just to name a few subjects.

You can purchase United States government manuals online through the GPO, or any one of the other official sellers of United States government manuals and official documents. You can search online for companies that sell this and other government publications to citizens as well as policy makers, elected officials, and legal professionals. Most law firms and law libraries feature a wide selection of government documents. You can find many of these documents in local libraries throughout the country as well.

The Mother of All United States Government Manuals

The mother of all U.S. government manuals is the official U.S. Government Manual. This document contains a great deal of information about the three branches of the government. In addition, you will find information about other agencies, commissions, and political committees. This is the ultimate primer to the federal government, and it is one of the most commonly used reference tools on the market today.

The U.S. Government Manual offers all kinds of contact information for the different branches of the government. You can find phone numbers, addresses, official titles, and a mission statement and history of the different government agencies. This publication supplements a number of other publications including the Federal Registry. You can purchase this publication beginning in the summer months and throughout the year.

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