U.s. Navy Diving Manual

Written by Rylee Newton
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The U.S. Navy Diving Manual is an authoritative, five volume publication on the SCUBA diving. Like so many government manuals and government publications, this manual contains an exhaustive amount of information about diving techniques, history, safety and many other subjects. When you invest in this publication you will find answers to just about any diving question you can imagine.

One of the other things that many people get from the U.S. Navy Diving Manual is insight into the procedures used by elite diving teams and the military. You can find this publication from a number of different online publishing suppliers. These companies provide their customers with low-cost shipping and protection against damage during the shipping process.

Outlining the Information Found in the U.S. Navy Diving Manual

As I mentioned before, the U.S. Navy Diving Manual is divided into five volumes. The first volume addresses things like the history of SCUBA diving as well as the physiological effects of compression, and a listing of systems used by the Navy. This volume also contains useful information like contact information and a listing of commonly used acronyms for diving. This is one of the most accessible volumes in the five-volume collection.

The other volumes contain information about first-aid and some of the more technical diving techniques employed by the U.S. Navy. You can also find a great deal of information in these volumes that you may never apply to your personal diving experiences. You may never face obstacles related to air diving operations, ice and cold water diving, or avoiding sonar signals underwater. These chapters provide interesting insight into the lives of military operations specialist.

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