World Fact Book

Written by Rylee Newton
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The World Fact Book is one of the many government publications produced by the Government Printing Office and the Central Intelligence Agency. This publication is a useful reference tool for a number of different applications including education, research and policy and decision-making. You can find this publication in your local bookstore, online, or by contacting the GPO directly.

When you purchase official government publications like the World Fact Book you can rest assured that the highest information gathering techniques have been employed. This publication features information from countries all over the world including statistics for population data, economic conditions, geographic information and political trends and election results.

Uses for the World Fact Book
The World Fact Book is available to the public and is a great reference tool for understanding the complex nature of international relations. You can find all kinds of important information about countries that are considered allies and countries that have been considered hostile toward the United States. Over the years the Central Intelligence Agency has provided basic intelligence facts and figures to the general public as part of an effort to create a society that is open.

The CIA was established in 1947 and was the predecessor to a number of other intelligence agencies. The Fact Book was first made available to the public in 1975 as other publications such as the National Intelligence Survey were no longer deemed necessary. No matter if you're working on a report on Taiwan for a school project, or your studying the geography and economic conditions of Brazil for potential investment opportunities, you can find the information you need in an accessible and easy to understand format with this publication.

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