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Written by Joy MacKay
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Writing can be one of the most difficult professions in the world. Moreover, the art of perfecting your craft is only half the battle. Every day, writers send out manuscripts to book publishers, only to find themselves dismayed when they are rejected or returned unread. Literary agents can help you break through the book publishing industry, and garner the reception and readership that your writing deserves.

Making Your Mark with Book Publishers

Book publishers are inundated with submissions from writers every day. In fact, thousands of manuscript submissions sent to book publishers ultimately end up unread, simply because of their sheer volume. There is no way that book publishers can carefully read every submission which crosses their desk--so how do you stand out from the pack and make an impression?

You can make sure that your manuscripts are given proper consideration by finding the best literary agent. In a perfect world, you could speak with each publisher, and let them know all that your writing has to offer. However, because of the highly impacted industry, this becomes essentially an impossibility. By obtaining literary representation, you secure an advocate for your writing--one who knows the needs and personalities of each publication, and each head publisher.

Finding Your Niche with Book Publishers

Every author has a unique story to tell, and a special way of telling it. Perhaps your prose is in the form of hard-hitting investigative reporting, or maybe you have an anecdotal style that reaches the hearts of your readers. Just like every writer has a distinct style of writing, each publisher has a set of distinct needs and readership.

Literary and signatory agents know the types of authors that various publishers seek. They will approach the appropriate publishers with your book synopsis, to give you the best odds for signing a book deal. Literary agents can also help you focus your writing to the most marketable style for your genre. They can give you an insider's viewpoint, to effectively cater to your publishing market and receive exceptional interest and sales.

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