Book Publishing Companies

Written by Joy MacKay
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Book publishing companies are flooded with submissions every single day. You will want to make sure that your submissions are being fully considered, and have the best chance of publication. While you can technically attempt to submit to book publishing companies directly, your best bet is to secure a literary agent, and let them do the submitting on your behalf.

Submitting to Book Publishing Companies Directly

While the idea can be appealing, it's not usually a good idea to submit your book to book publishing companies directly. Many book publishing companies will not even open submissions which are not sent over by literary agents. You might end up with little more than discouragement and wasted postage.

The best option for submitting to book publishing companies is to first secure a literary agent. Finding the best literary agent should be your first step in approaching book publishing companies. An experienced agency can approach book publishing companies for you, and offer your screenplay for production to screenplay producers.

Knowing which Book Publishing Companies to Approach

The importance of registered agents increases when you are deciding which book publishing companies to approach. You want to make sure that your work is submitted to book publishing companies that are not only likely to embrace it, but are also best equipped to bring your writing to its fullest potential. Signatory agents can help you find the book publishing companies that are best for you, and secure a profitable book deal with leading publishers.

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