The Book Publishing Industry

Written by Joy MacKay
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Do you have several finished novels, simply occupying space on your bookshelf or your hard drive? Do you know that you have what it takes to become a published writer, but aren't quite sure how to do so? The book publishing industry is one of best loved and most successful industries in the world--but it can be the hardest to break into. Learn how to measure your readiness for publication, and how to make your entrance into the book publishing industry.

When Are You Ready to Take on the Book Publishing Industry?

Many writers are ready to be published, and simply haven't figured out how to make publication happen. Even more writers become confident in their talent, but hesitate to submit their writing to publishing agents, simply because they are not sure if their work is ready for review. It certainly takes more than innovation to make a successful novel or screenplay, and it can be difficult to decide when the time is right for submission.

Perhaps the first rule of thumb is to make sure that your work is complete, regardless of its total perfection. A complete manuscript should be presented in standard industry form, without typos or grammar mistakes, and should have a cohesive feel to it. Show your manuscript to others in order to garner feedback. Does it ramble, or flow easily? Is the dialogue genuine and believable? Finding feedback from honest sources can help you ensure that your novel is ready for public consumption.

When you believe your work is ready, begin researching and contacting book agents. Book publishers will rarely read manuscripts sent without obtaining literary representation, and will even more seldomly sign on the author. Find signatory agents who might be interested in your work, and submit to them according to their guidelines.

Your Entrance into the Book Publishing Industry

The importance of finding the best literary agent should be apparent by now. You need someone to advocate your interests, and help you fine-tune your craft into something highly marketable. You want to know that you are being protected financially and legally as you deal with book publishers. As you make your entrance into the book publishing industry, the doors you walk through will be held open by literary agents. While a few lucky writers might be able to succeed on their own, the vast majority of well-known and established writers have obtained representation, and thrived because of it.

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