Christian Literary Agents

Written by Joy MacKay
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The best-selling book of all time is the Bible. Since then, some of the most highly regarded poetry, prose, and fiction have embraced and explored biblical themes and Christian ideas. Lately, there has been a modern-day resurgence of popularity in the inspirational market. For Christian writers, there has never been a better time for obtaining literary representation.

Christian Literary Agents Are Truly Godsends

As a Christian, the message you have to bring is decidedly unique. No matter what story you tell, the subtext of your words lies in biblical principle and strong faith. Christian writers want to be sure their core beliefs are not misconstrued by editors, and they want to make sure their message of faith and hope is communicated correctly and effectively.

When you seek out Christian literary agents, you ensure that your priorities are shared and protected. In a market that is ripe for inspirational themes and stories, Christian literary agents have become increasingly popular. Whether you have written an autobiographical narrative, or Christ-centered fiction, the growing desire for Christian literature can open doors to reach multitudes with your literary success. Many WGA agents accept Christian submissions with open arms, with more writers are obtaining literary representation for the Christian market.

Christian Literary Agents and Integrity

Beyond the traditional roles of literary agents, Christian literary agents act as your protectors. Many Christian writers of the past shunned secular markets, for fear that their message would become diluted or altered. However, a resurgence of interest in faith-based books has led to an increase in Christian literary agents. Whether your writing is geared towards commentary, inspiration, or scriptural living, Christian literary agents can represent your writing with the utmost integrity. Even screenplay producers are taking on projects with Christian themes and biblical premises. Contacting signatory agents who represent Christian and faith-based writers can be your first step towards sharing your inspirational message with the world.

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