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Written by Joy MacKay
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Maybe you've just caught the writing bug. Or perhaps you have taken years to perfect your craft, and now you want to share it with the public. Regardless of your experience, if you have a story to tell, you will need to find a literary agent in order to broadcast your writing.

Taking the First Step Towards Publishing

While all good writing begins with solid ideas, you will need more than mere inspiration to publish your work. You need someone on your side, who will sell your work to magazine and book publishers, and find you a steady stream of writing jobs. The first step in becoming a published writer is finding a good literary & book agents resource.

A good resource will point you towards writing handbooks and literary agent listings. According to standard practice in the world of publishing, you must first submit a manuscript sample and book synopsis to receive interest. We all know how important networking can be for the aspiring writer. A literary or book agent brings to your craft the element it's missing--established connections with publishers who will believe in your work and put it into print.

Why Not Just Freelance?

As a writer, perhaps you have considered the possibility of "freelance writing." You might have read a byline in a newspaper or magazine article describing the author as a freelancer. The art of freelancing is simply writing for a variety of publications. The reality of freelance writing is that agents are highly important to its success--the writers who have one receive steady work, and the writers who don't, often struggle.

In fact, many freelance writers who forego finding agents eventually end up quitting. Without knowing the keys to manuscript submissions, and unable to obtain literary representation, many exceptional writers simply fall through the cracks.

The Difference Between Dreaming and Doing

It's been said that what separates a good writer from a published writer is his or her agent. Nothing could be more true. There are plenty of talented writers in the world, and few who ever get to see their words printed in books or spoken on a movie screen. Perhaps you've recently read a book or seen a movie and thought that you can do a much better job--and you probably can.

Sure, behind every successful work of art is a measure of talent. But talent has never guaranteed success. In fact, historically, many of the popular writers were those who were aligned with a benefactor or royalty. They were not necessarily the best writers; they simply were the ones with connections. In fact, many truly talented writers whom we revere today were never discovered within their lifetimes.

Don't let your work remain unread during your lifetime. If you have talent, set out to find a literary agent, and be persistent until you garner representation by one. You can begin your journey through the publishing world with one simple step--obtaining an agent resource, and beginning to submit yourself to agents according to their guidelines. With a single line of prose, you can change yourself--but with a single published line, you can change your world.

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