Obtaining Literary Representation

Written by Joy MacKay
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You might have realized by now that in order to succeed in the publishing business, you will need to secure a literary agent. Obtaining literary representation can be overwhelming, and many authors initially disdain the idea. However, literary agents are the keys to literary success. They understand your needs as an author, and fight to protect them as they approach big publishers. They are your liaison to the industry, and often become your biggest fans and trusted mentors.

Obtaining Literary Representation Regardless of Location

One of the biggest myths about the book publishing industry is that you need to reside in a "publishing city" in order to achieve success. In fact, many of the world's most respected and successful authors are not residing in the metropolis cities of New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago. By obtaining literary representation, you can secure writing jobs and book deals, regardless of your location.

In fact, because the core of literary representation is the quality of your work, many agents will not require that you meet them in person. Obtaining literary representation, while not an overnight process, certainly has been streamlined by the popularity of the Internet. You can even email electronic submissions to many literary agents, and obtain literary representation from the comfort of your hometown.

Book Publishing Companies Love Literary Agents

Literary agents act as a liaison between the creative writer and the publishing business. Writers need agents to secure their salaries, provide for their copyrights, and promote their writing careers. Similarly, book publishing companies need agents to communicate with the writer, secure deadlines, and encourage editorial changes.

In fact, the book publishing industry rests on the importance of registered agents. Signatory agents act as your ushers into the field of book publication. You will be hard pressed to obtain literary representation without a literary agent, and you will find that once you secure one, they are indispensable.

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