Science Fiction Literary Agents

Written by Joy MacKay
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From Space Odyssey: 2001 to The Twilight Zone, from Stephen King novels to technological thrillers, science fiction has long since entertained and engaged generations of readers. As a science fiction writer, you have a specialized craft with incredible marketability. Science fiction literary agents can help you foray into screenwriting circles and the book publishing industry. Just as compelling today as they were a century ago, science fiction pieces are intriguing and exciting readers and viewers everywhere.

The Imaginative Impact of Science Fiction

Few genres have inspired wonder and philosophy to the degree that science fiction has. For years, science fiction writers have made social commentary and technological projections that have inspired the worlds of science and sociology alike. Excellent science fiction can open the imagination to a realm of possibilities and ideas--engaging the reader, and taking his or her thought processes to new heights.

Today, science fiction is still a highly marketable genre, with sky-high sales and insatiable readership. However, many writers who attempt science fiction simply get lost in the sheer numbers of aspiring sci-fi writers. Finding science fiction literary agents is paramount in a genre like this one. You need an advocate who can concisely and effectively explain the premise of your novel and ensure that it is heard by the right ears.

Finding Science Fiction Literary Agents

Like all genres of agencies, science fiction literary agents should be listed with the WGA. Most signatory agents and agencies represent a host of fiction writers, and many also specialize in science fiction publications. Investigate the agency to which you intend to apply, and find out if science fiction is one of their areas of expertise. Send your manuscript according to their submission guidelines, with an engaging cover letter and brief synopsis. Whether for film, television, or publication, science fiction agents can help you find your niche audience.

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