Screenplay Producers

Written by Joy MacKay
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How does the movie industry succeed in thrilling and moving us, year after year? How do they keep churning out innovative and unique films, when so many have been produced already? The answer is simple. The best movies in the world are not simply the work of the cinematographer and actors; they are the product of exceptional writing.

Screenplay Producers Seeking Fresh Writing

You might have heard many award acceptance speeches for television and movies end with accolades for the writers. Solid dialogue and plot are the essentials of any movie or series, and the writers are the ones who give the characters flair and personality. Screenplay producers are constantly on the lookout for fresh and unique scripts that will move a theatre and enthrall an audience.

How to Get Screenplay Producers to Read Your Scripts

So quite simply, how do you make that leap from writer to employed screenwriter? Screenplay producers are inundated with scripts on a regular basis, and merely sending them to production companies is essentially a waste of time. You need to secure a literary agent who works closely with screenplay producers.

The same way that you might work with a librarian to find the books you need, a screenplay producer trusts agents to find screenplays that he might be interested in. Obtaining literary representation should be your first move towards selling your screenplay, and it will increase your chances of success manifold.

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