Signatory Agents

Written by Joy MacKay
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Signatory agents are your gateway to mass publication. With strong contacts in the publishing field, they help you secure publication contracts, and defend your interests. Signatory agents can vastly increase readership, and create relationships between budding authors and book publishers.

Myths about Signatory Agents

Perhaps in conversations with other budding writers, you have developed misgivings about securing a signatory agent. However, signatory agents are the primary way that authors receive work and secure book deals. Many authors who find themselves skeptical about signatory agents simply have fallen prey to misinformation.

Signatory agents will not take the majority of your publishing revenues. In fact, most signatory agents will not and should not secure more than a small standard percentage of your contract as payment. Signatory agents actually secure your payment, sending you a check for the balance of your payment directly, to avoid compensation issues.

Signatory agents also will not usually try and change the direction of your writing. They sign you on because they believe in your talent, and have faith that it is not only marketable, but valuable. They will often "go to bat" with publishers on your behalf, selling and defending your workmanship. They are often your best allies, and work for you, to help you get the most out of your publishing deal.

Signatory Agents Expand Your Readership

One of the most important aspects of obtaining literary representation is readership. Perhaps you have only written for specialized journals, or you have a smaller, local readership. Signatory agents present you with contacts in the publishing world, and help you secure book deals with publishers that reach millions of readers each year. They push for maximum exposure of your publications, and help you increase your marketability for optimal returns.

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