Advice For Men

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The quality of advice for men depends on a few important factors such as who (if anyone) is asking for it, who's dispensing it, and why it's being sought. The guileless questions of a seven- or eight-year-old boy to his father are worlds removed from the queries of men who are on the prowl. As such, each type of question deserves its own thoughtful response that's suitable for the questioner's age, profession, and intent. It's one thing for the cognoscenti to present advice in a plain-speaking manner; it's another thing for them to aid and abet someone's malicious motives.

The humanist's take on dishing advice for men is as follows: the majority of men out there are decent fellows looking for a competitive edge of one sort or another. It may be advice on which belt, shoes, or tie to wear on an upcoming job interview or how to pick the winners in the coming week's fantasy football competition.

Bad vs. Good Advice for Men

Let's take care of this quickly. There are men who trade secrets from the Anarchist's Cookbook as well as ways of defrauding little old ladies through internet scams. There are those who solicit tips from inside traders and steal ATM pin codes from unwitting walk-up bankers. Is there any way to prevent the wizened old criminal from sharing such advice with his young acolytes? Probably not. It's enough to know, however, that those who seek out advice with criminal intent may well end up in jail where they belong.

As far as well-meaning advice is concerned, it's safe to say that today's lads want it all. They want the best advice on what foods to eat, where to shop, which flowers to buy for their ladies, and how many seated lat pulldowns to do in each set. At the same time, they want practical advice such as how to tie a tie, jumpstart (read: not hotwire) a car, and how to talk their way out of speeding tickets.

Where To Turn To Get Advice for Men

As our culture changes, so too do its purveyors of wisdom. In the old days, advice for men came straight from their fathers, but as the nuclear family has largely disintegrated, a lot of men don't have biological fathers to turn to. Instead, they must make do with father figures such as coaches, mentors, and those all-knowing sages, bartenders. Barkeeps have witnessed first hand many of the most poorly conceived stratagems that men have used to curry favor with women and can therefore help you steer clear of similar mistakes.

Increasingly, advice for men is furnished through men's magazines such as Men's Health and Men's Journal. The old saw about its articles notwithstanding, Playboy has spent decades dishing out advice for men on everything from love and sex to cars and computers. Their writers and editors are often connoisseurs with expertise in wine, cinema, literature, music, humor, and other tools of the trade.

Online Advice for Men

As it turns out, the Internet is the leading source of advice for men, and why? Because it's often free. Free advice, as you might suspect, does not always equate with good advice, however, so men must in fact be discriminating in where they turn. If there's one problem that soliciting advice over the Internet poses, it's the difficulty of verifying one's sources. Consequently, the value of established men's portals, many of which have attracted writers and editors from leading magazines, has skyrocketed.

Sometimes, it's women who indeed have the best advice for men, as it is they whom the men have spent so much time, energy, and money pursuing. Ironically, it's women who often have the best advice to give on, of all things, how to impress women, as their aesthetic sensibilities tend to outshine those of a guy's drinking pals. That doesn't mean there's not a time and place to wear your favorite football jersey, simply that weddings and dinner parties aren't that occasion. By the same token, there are instances in which manners and decorum serve you best, and there are times when a more assertive stance is called for. Discerning between the two is only one such skill that comes after years of experience--as well as following sensible advice.

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