Bass Player Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Whether you're a studio musician or just a beginner, Bass Player Magazine is stuffed with features and articles on every aspect of the bass guitar. From technique to bass maintenance, each month's issue explores subjects that bass enthusiasts care about, whether it's about their own guitars or those of their rock idols. For over fifteen years Bass Player has been the standard trade magazine for anyone who's ever touched the instrument.

Each month features columns on techniques such as picking and slapping, as well as new products for electric and upright bass guitars. There are even articles dedicated to accessories such as bags and cases for storing and transporting your bass. And, of course, there's plenty of heated discussion on who wears the "All-Time Greatest Bassist" crown--an issue that music fans are unlikely to settle any time soon.

More About Bass Player Magazine

Bass Player Magazine also offers full catalogs worth of products to buy, sell, or trade. Advertisers and musicians alike know that any serious player at least picks up the magazine on newsstands to leaf through its pages, making Bass Player a premium location to place an ad or sell a guitar. But sales aren't restricted to just the axes themselves; there are amps, tuners, cords, tripod stands, and headphones aplenty.

When you buy Bass Player over the Internet, you can save more than two-thirds off the cover price. Year-long magazine subscriptions to Bass Player can run as high $60 if you purchase each issue on the newsstand, but the Web is home to the discounted magazine subscription. Many sites offer a full year for under $20, so it's worth taking the time to look around and compare prices before sending in your check or money order.

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