Business Week Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Business Week is one of the leading business magazines in the country. Published since 1929, Business Week has focused on delivering its content directly to business leaders and company managers. Its tone is concise, clear, and communicative.

We're All Business

Business Week strives to present the news and profile the news-makers that are making a difference right now. It is often praised for its breadth, if not its depth, of coverage. Every week, every page is dedicated to the major business developments of the previous week, helping to keep readers informed of current and developing trends.

Another advantage Business Week offers its readers is that its articles are deliberately unbiased. If an article reflects an actual point of view, it's clearly labeled as "Commentary." Many readers appreciate this journalistic integrity, which is becoming increasingly rare in all news-media, be it print or television.

Business Week earns laurels for covering a wide variety of business sectors. However, some complain that Business Week does not provide enough emphasis on the health care and retail sectors. Otherwise, Business Week is praised across the board for providing balanced, well-written coverage, in language that meets the expectations of business professionals.

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