Car And Drive Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Car and Drive Magazine has become ubiquitous in the automotive world. Racing fans, consumer groups, manufacturers, and plain old car gurus frequently refer to studies and tests conducted by Car and Drive Magazine. Advertisers eagerly await the periodical's yearly nominations and awards to use in their television campaigns. Having that extra accolade lends added authority to commercial spots and helps convince would-be buyers that they've discovered a jewel.

Like any highly specialized magazine, Car and Drive has its share of ads. But the bulk of the magazine is wall-to-wall coverage of new models, parts, design plans, and driver reviews. Upscale auto enthusiasts appreciate its spotlight on top models in addition to its coverage of more road-friendly vehicles. Road-test results are one of the magazine's most popular staples, as they give readers an official measure of a car's performance, especially in head-to-head competition with other vaunted models.

Get Educated with Car and Drive Magazine

Car and Drive offers a great education for novice auto fans as well as seasoned pros. Learn which manufacturers are most respected for their handling, which are praised for their design, and which ones manage to combine both into one total package. And if you're in the market for automotive accessories, rest assured that the magazine's selection is unrivaled; any legitimate vendor has placed an ad somewhere in its pages.

If you're looking for discount magazine subscriptions, you're in luck. Do a little price-comparison shopping and you'll find that Car and Drive is available over the Internet for a fraction of its cover price. A $30 year-long subscription typically goes for about $10 when you buy online. It just goes to show you don't necessarily have to be a devoted reader of Money Magazine to recognize a good deal when you find one.

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