Car And Driver Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Car and Driver Magazine is recognized as one of the leading purveyors of automotive culture. The magazine is not intended for casual car buffs, but enthusiasts dedicated to design, style, and performance. Car and Driver readers want to know not only what's out on the market, but how it fared in head-to-head competition with its competitors as well.

You commonly hear manufacturers refer to Car and Driver Magazine for credibility in their ad campaigns. Whenever a new model wins the magazine's accolades, those awards become a mantle that advertisers wear proudly when selling their brand. These ad execs realize that a vote of confidence from one of the industry's leading voices is a strong sales tool for the authority it confers. After all, Car and Driver's writers and editors are among the most knowledgeable and discriminating in the world.

Don't Race Out To Pick Up Car and Driver Magazine

On the newsstand, Car and Driver can cost three or four bucks an issue. If you simply can't wait for this month's installment, go ahead and visit your local bookstore or magazine stand and pick it up. But if you're planning to read each issue cover to cover for the next few years (and maybe longer), you'd be wise to pick up a cheap magazine subscription online.

Subscribing over the Internet to a year of Car and Driver reduces your cost to just around $12 a year, or a buck an issue. For that lone dollar you get in-depth reports on the newest design elements, looks at prototypes that aren't even on the market yet, and expert opinion and commentary about the state of the automotive industry in general. There are few magazine subscriptions that reward their readers with so much substance for so little money, which is the benchmark of real value.

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