Cat Fancy Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Cat Fancy Magazine has been around for ages, but most recently gained notoriety during an ESPN spot. In the commercial, a well-known and talented basketball star confesses to doing an interview with Cat Fancy Magazine, which is quite humorous when you consider that the NBA forward checks in at just over 7' and about 275 pounds. Not that men of his size can't love cats, but you can see the comedy in the juxtaposition of the two.

After that, Cat Fancy became a punch line in athletic circles, which likely only boosted its popularity. The added exposure probably didn't shake life-long subscribers and die-hard feline fans, many of whom probably wondered why it took so long for the rest of the world to stumble upon such an excellent magazine. Nevertheless, the world did chance upon it, and its reputation as the leading periodical on pussycats was cemented.

Order Cat Fancy Magazine Online and Save

Buying your magazine subscriptions online can save you varying amounts of money depending on the title. With Cat Fancy Magazine, the savings are substantial--more than half off the cover price. For $15, readers get a full year of issues, each dedicated to a different breed of cat. Articles include tips on maintaining your kitty's coat and diet, as well as stories about all cats, not just the month's featured breed.

As you might suspect, the target audience of Cat Fancy is far removed from that of Mens Health Magazine. But both periodicals excel at being industry leaders in their respective areas, which has helped both remain competitive in a glutted marketplace. And all you dog lovers out there, have faith--Dog Fancy Magazine is just as popular, even if the two magazines need to be kept apart on newsstands.

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