Cooking Light Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Cooking Light is the most popular cooking magazine in the country. Every month, nearly six million American cooks sit down and browse recipes as diverse as Pecan Pie, Fresh Corn and Shrimp Salad, Pennsylvania Pot Pie, and Three Berry Crisp. Cooking Light is dedicated to moderation, not denial, and the result is one of the most successful cooking magazines in publishing history.

Cooking Light is actually an offshoot of a single recipe section once located within the pages of Southern Living. Though all the recipes in Southern Living are popular month to month, the editors soon noticed that readers wrote in nearly two-to-one to rave and request copies of the recipes located in the "Cooking Light" section. They sat up, took notice, and started yet another highly successful southern publication.

Cooking Light: Eat Smart, Live Well

Part of their success comes from the fact that Cooking Light is about eating smart, not eating less. There are two main categories of recipes located within: those that are healthy in the first place, and also favorites submitted by readers who request the Cooking Light editors "healthify," if you will, these well loved meals. Both these types of recipes serve to show readers that new foods are fun and interesting to try, and that old favorites can still be enjoyed, with a few intelligent tweaks.

In addition to their recipe sections, Cooking Light also contains articles about entertaining, organizing, nutritional analysis, fitness, and more. For those that really love the recipes, yet don't want to resort to keeping clipping files, Cooking Light publishes an annual edition featuring the best recipes of the year. As with all the magazines published by the Southern Progress Corporation, the layout and design of Cooking Light is well-planned, easy to navigate and beautiful to behold.

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