Discount Magazine Subscriptions

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Every day, thousands of people get offers from door-to-door salesmen to purchase discount magazine subscriptions. While many of the pitches are actually pretty good, few people hand over the cash or check to start their subscription. Many people don't even bother to come to the door in the first place and would prefer to be left alone.

As with telemarketers, door-to-door salesmen are invasive. They typically come to (or call) your home at dinner time when they know you'll be around to answer. As a result, fewer and fewer folks choose to do business with unsolicited sales reps. Yet people are still reading magazines, and not all of them are buying them on the newsstand.

The Benefit of Discount Magazine Subscriptions Online

When you order discount magazine subscriptions online, you get the exact same product you'd find on the newsstand, only there are no pushy salesmen trying to talk you into a deal. You have total privacy over your internet connection and can sign up for subscriptions to everything from Playboy to Cat Fancy Magazine without anyone knowing what you're ordering. (Just be sure to hide all the kitty inserts when your buddies come over to watch football on the weekends!)

Even better, discount magazine subscriptions truly emphasize the discount. It's not uncommon for year-long subscriptions to run at 75-85% off the cover price. That's a substantial enough break to make you wonder just who does buy magazines on the newsstand at hyper-inflated cover prices.

Outstanding Selection

If you've been to a newsstand lately, you've noticed that are literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different magazines, trade papers, literary journals, and other periodicals. Can there really be a market for all this? There must be, since the publishing business is beholden to the same economic principles as any other industry. If people weren't buying all these titles, publishers couldn't afford to keep putting them out there.

With your online discount magazine subscriptions, you don't have to give up this same selection simply because you're buying over the Web. In fact, you can oftentimes get even better selection than you can at your local Barnes & Noble or Borders simply because the Web is a better central distribution channel than a physical newsstand. With a couple of mouse clicks it's just as easy to buy a copy of a European or Asian magazine as it is to pick up a copy of People or Time.

Buy Your Magazine Subscriptions Online

While there are plenty of rags out there, discriminating readers and hobbyists can still find intelligent, well-written, and entertaining magazines as well. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, home decorator, or writer, there are magazines in your particular field that treat readers as more than just consumers. You can find hard-hitting reporting, insightful commentary and analysis, or humorous columns with a little bit of effort.

Our goal at Discount Magazine Subscriptions Resource is to furnish you with all the information you need to find great magazines, papers, and journals. By going online, you get a whole host of benefits--from savings to convenience--that make discount magazine subscriptions a great choice, either for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend. In the pages that follow, you'll learn all about the most popular magazines, some lesser-known titles, as well as some expert info on managing everything form your motor to your moolah.

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