Divorce Advice For Men

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Why is good divorce advice for men so hard to come by when it counts? The answer is that few men if any get into marriages with the intention of getting divorced. Thus, they never bother to consider certain obvious but vexing questions such as "Who gets which assets?" and "Who wins custody of the kids?"

Admittedly, the prospect of divvying up your pension and your real estate holdings while you're taking your nuptials can be less than romantic. That said, the best time to weigh such matters is before you've both signed your name to the dotted line. At that point, the law states that what's yours is, alas, also half hers. No divorce advice for men can change that. It can, however, bring to your attention certain legal realities of matrimony before you decide to tie the knot.

Finding Divorce Advice for Men

In an age when there are corporate attorneys, tax attorneys, product liability attorneys, and medical malpractice attorneys, it only makes sense that there should be divorce attorneys as well. As you might expect, the services of these lawyers don't come cheap, a fact whose pain is compounded by protracted and messy separations that require literally hundreds or thousands of hours of legal work. The more assets you have, and the longer the two of you have been married, the harder it will be (even for a practiced divorce attorney) to come to some agreeable compromise on the division of property.

Two pieces of divorce advice for men can serve you well. One, if it's already too late, and you're headed for splitsville, begin with an initial consultation with your divorce attorney to find out just how much paperwork and how many billable hours will be involved. That way, you can lessen the sticker shock when you receive your first invoice. Second, and more importantly, take a "preventive" approach rather than the "treatment" method when it comes to marriage. That means squaring away the most potentially divisive issues (politics, religion, finances, family, sex, etc,) well in advance of purchasing an engagement ring.

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