Dressing Tips For Men

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Why are women constantly alluding to dressing tips for men? There are hints at what cuff links can do for an outfit or how flat-front pants obliterate their pleated counterparts. There may be offhanded remarks about how some bartender's cologne simply made her swoon or how her yoga instructor still manages to look incredible in his spiritual garb, even when he's standing on his head.

Before you allow jealousy or rage to get the better of you, consider the following: she's making these allusions not as an indication of her dissatisfaction with you, but in the hope that you might take a hint. Has she recently cast aspersions on woven belts or buckled shoes? It might be time to invest in a solid brown or black belt and a pair of square-toed dress shoes. Has she denigrated some poor passerby's tattered flannel shirt? She may be telling you it's time to trade in the grunge for the Gucci.

Practical Dressing Tips for Men

The belt-shoes note is one of many practical dressing tips for men. Are there others? Sure. If in doubt, go with the single-breasted suit over the double-breasted variety, even if such advice makes our European counterparts demur. Match fabrics with as much care as you do colors. Keep one and a half "breaks" in your cuff when measuring pants for length. These are general rules, but they've managed to serve the sartorially inclined quite well.

Naturally, dressing tips for men utterly break down in certain rare instances. If, for example, you're a world-renowned rock star or athlete, you're licensed to wear all the frilly feathers and fedoras you please. Wrap chinchilla around your neck until the animal squeals or prance around in diaphanous fabrics and show off your patootsies, whatever those are, to the paparazzi. For everyone else, however, the rules still apply, so favor decorum and tradition over fashion chutzpah.

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