Elle Girl Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Elle Girl Magazine is full of the same style and substance as the original Elle Magazine, but is geared towards teens and adolescents rather than adults. Inside, you'll find the same beauty tips, health and style pointers, and Q&A sessions, only targeted toward teens and the unique issues and matters that apply to them. There may be a new poll on the hottest young musician, the most effective mud masks, or the best holiday gifts.

Elle Girl Magazine, like the guy-oriented Mens Health Magazine or Maxim Magazine, is chiefly concerned with lifestyle. None of these publications is preoccupied with a narrow definition of femininity or masculinity. Rather, all of them understand that a successful and fulfilling life is a matter of juggling infinite matters and responsibilities, from fashion and style to sex and relationships.

Get Elle Girl Magazine for a Song

You can order Elle Girl online through a discount magazine broker and save a little money. Elle Girl isn't the most expensive subscription to begin with--after all, it's meant for young girls, who don't always have tons of disposable income--but you can save a few bucks by signing up over the Internet and cutting out the middlemen, distributors, and retailers. There are few magazines out there that give you a full year's worth of celebrity news, gossip, activities, and games for under $10, but Elle Girl is part of that select club.

And if you already have Elle Girl coming to your house every month, try signing up a friend who you think would benefit from the magazine's style pointers and advice. They'll receive the latest pop-culture dish, dating advice, and tons of celebrity pictures. And, of course, they'll also receive one of the magazine's most popular monthly features--the Elle Girl horoscope.

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