Entertainment Magazines

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Entertainment magazines focus on the business of entertainment--not just the celebrities who fill its glittering world. To be sure, entertainment magazines include star references and interviews. Nonetheless, their primary focus is on "what's happening," not "who's happening."

There's No Business Like Show Business...

Entertainment magazines cover the business itself. Though entertainment magazines were originally intended to be of interest primarily to entertainment professionals, American interest in all aspects of entertainment is at an all-time high. Therefore, chances are that any entertainment magazine may count among its readers not only heads of production, but housewives in Des Moines.

Unlike the majority of fanzines, entertainment magazines are actually read by the people making news. For instance, Billboard magazine is one of the most respected magazines within the music industry. To make it into Billboard charts is essentially regarded as "making it" in the business. Music careers can thrive or perish based on whether or not they appear on "the charts." Though many regular folks might read Billboard, it's definitely on the desks of music managers, radio station program directors, agents, album research and development offices, etc.

Some entertainment magazines appeal to both professionals and informed observers. Others help bridge the gap by explaining the business to everyday readers. Entertainment Weekly, for instance, covers the hits, misses, highs and lows of contemporary pop culture, and helps readers put into perspective the importance of box office receipts, advance publicity, and such. Magazines such as these also help entertainment fans sort through all manner of amusements, to identify what's worth watching, reading, or listening to.

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