Entrepreneur Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Entrepreneur Magazine is specifically tailored to the needs and concerns of the small business owner. There are lots of magazines out there offering financial advice for workers at major corporations, but what if you're going it alone? Who can tell you whether or not you're on the right track? Most small businesses operate on margins too tight to allow for expensive business consultants.

Entrepreneur Magazine publishes its articles and columns with this in mind. Instead of obvious general advice and hollow endorsements, you get practical pointers on production, marketing, sales, and strategy. Maybe you've just set up shop in a new part of town and you're wondering how best to lure new clientele. Entrepreneur offers smart advice on guerilla ad campaigns and money-saving tips on improving your brand recognition.

Think of Entrepreneur Magazine As an Investment

You've got a business mind, right? Think of Entrepreneur as an investment. You put in a few bucks for a cheap magazine subscription and get back thousands of dollars in practical strategies, tales of others' mistakes (so you know how not to make them), as well as others' triumphs. As every small-business owner knows, staying afloat is also a huge psychological and emotional game. Rest assured that Entrepreneur knows this. That's why you'll also find tips on handling the ups and downs of running your own shop.

Publications such as Forbes and Money Magazine are great for insight into the workings of Fortune 500 corporations. They're also very revealing about the leading business minds and how they operate. But not all of the pieces are applicable to the maverick business person who requires his or her own trade publication with ideas that are suited for doing battle with the heavy hitters.

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