First For Women

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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First for Women is designed to send the message of "yes, you can" to busy 30-something women trying to juggle children, a job, running a house, and having a personal life. Every issue is packed with tips on how to handle each aspect of one's busy existence. It's consistently optimistic and hopeful in tone.

Putting the Reader, Not Hollywood, First

You won't find a lot of self-blame or celebrity fawning in First for Women. It's designed to be a monthly "how to" manual, focusing on the needs of ordinary American women. Recipes, common sense fashion, and practical time management tips are monthly standards.

First for Women is also praised by readers for providing common-sense content in a common-sense format. The magazine is categorized by subject. All things relating to diet and nutrition, including their recipes, are in one section. Fashion, style, tips on shopping, and even ways to update one's current wardrobe are all located in another. Further, articles are written in a frank, to-the-point manner, allowing women to "get the gist" of the message in short order. Editors focus on helping busy women get the information they need in a quick, easy, and entertaining manner.

Unlike many other women's magazines, First appears sensitive to the fact that, financially speaking, times are a little hard for some women. As a result, the fashions they represent are always affordable. The recipes they recommend are easy, quick, and utilize inexpensive ingredients found at any major grocery store. With an overall tone of "you can do it", coupled with recommended "you can afford it" products, First for Women actually helps women feel that they can make changes in their lives without sacrificing their peace of mind, their time, or their wallets. That may be a first for women, in and of itself.

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