Flex Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Flex Magazine is not intended for casual fitness fans. Instead, it targets hard-core bodybuilders, male and female, who not only follow the professional circuit but compete on it as well. With its spotlight on workouts, diet, and supplements, Flex Magazine is all about getting big and getting big fast.

Flex is written by and about some of the most ferocious competitors in the bodybuilding world. As a result, the advice you receive and the stories you read come straight from world-class sources including Mr. and Mrs. Olympia past and present. And the demonstrations you see are from competitors who have garnered every bodybuilding award in the world.

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To pick up each issue of Flex Magazine on the newsstand costs just over $70 for a full year. But as you know, buying your magazine subscriptions online can save you 60-70% off the cover price. Surf the Web and you'll find companies that offer Flex as well as more casual alternatives such as Mens Health Magazine for about the monthly cost of an inexpensive gym membership.

Flex is renowned not only for its expert columnists and world champion contributors, but its stunning photography as well. While the magazine's multiple galleries are viewable online, it takes a subscription to keep up with all the photos on a month-to-month basis. Just a word of caution--many of the photos are intense, so those who don't love to work out are advised to pick up Cat Fancy instead.

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