Free Online Magazines For Men

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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With so many publications on the newsstand charging five or six bucks a pop for their contents, it's no wonder that free online magazines for men have taken off as a competing product. Critics insist that these free online magazines for men don't constitute the kind of value proposition that they appear to. After all, they say, you're probably being bombarded with legions of ads that must be carefully sifted through to reach the articles.

Just pick up a copy of Men's Journal, FHM, or Stuff, however, and you'll see that print advertising is hardly an endangered species. There's a robust ad market that's in full swing and aimed directly at print magazine buyers, who have already demonstrated a willingness to pay for their product. If anything, that's only further encouragement for advertisers eager to get their hands on the lucrative 18-35 market.

The Value of Free Online Magazines for Men

Admittedly, free online magazines for men do come at a price. For one thing, many of them only offer "premium" content for a fee. For another, access to content may first require registration, a process many users are loathe to complete. At the same time, these free magazines routinely feature first-rate content on everything from fashion and style to fitness and romance.

Better still, online magazines are often customized to meet their readers' preferences. It's much easier for the editors and publishers of an online mag to tailor three or four different versions of their product to suit the tastes of various readerships. Print publishers only do this at a huge cost. The payoff for you, the reader, is a batch of articles, essays, and humor columns directed at your demographic and interests.

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