Golf Digest Magazine

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Golf Digest Magazine is widely regarded as the gold standard in publications devoted to golf, despite the fact that there are dozens of magazines on the popular sport. Golf Digest is touted for its excellent instruction as well as coverage of the pro tour and features on and by everyone from Tiger Woods to Phil Mickelson. Guest columns by athletes in all sports is a growing trend among publishers, and one which has met with favorable reviews.

Is the average golfer with a 20 handicap more likely to listen to advice on club grips from Joe the Country Club Pro or Ernie Els? Would you rather learn about bunker busting--the golf variety, not the warfare variety--from a jaded journalist nursing the wounds from his last scramble defeat or Sergio Garcia? Golf Digest Magazine is great at getting the pros to mouth off after they've teed off, and readers have responded in turn.

There's More to Golf Digest Magazine

When you sign up for an ESPN Magazine subscription, you know you're partnering up with an industry leader. In a marketplace fractured by thousands of magazines, it's increasingly difficult to tell just who's for real and who's in the game strictly for advertising dollars. Sure, all magazines depend on ads to say afloat, but they also depend on subscribers. Fill up on too many of the former, and you're likely to lose many of the latter.

One of the selling points of Golf Digest Magazine is its ability to walk the line between the two. For every ad you find, there's a fantastic piece on chipping or two-putting. If golf is your passion, and you're looking for extra guidance without joining an expensive club or taking private lessons, twelve months with Golf Digest is one of the smarter magazine subscriptions out there.

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