Grooming Tips For Men

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Grooming tips for men can rescue you from several hairy situations--literally. Look, there's nothing you can do about your genetic gifts and curses. If looking like a Yeti was simply in the cards for you, all the depilatories in the world won't mean a thing. Your only recourse is to strictly monitor your face and body, including your nether regions, to keep yourself trimmed.

Most grooming tips for men center around keeping hair in check, whether it's on the scalp, under the nose, around the chin, or elsewhere. To that end, a good blade can be your most trusted ally, but don't discount the support of pre-shave ointments and lotions as well as cooling aftershaves for the abuse your face will take. Keeping your beard and 'stache well lubed is the secret for comfortable and effective shaves.

More Grooming Tips for Men

If it's halitosis, not hirsutism, that poses the biggest problem, you have a few different options. Chronic problems could signify more than just a failure to brush properly. The trouble may lurk in your gums or may even begin in your stomach, where improperly digested food can make for noisome results higher up. Several over-the-counter breath remedies have proven themselves as effective fighters of lingering bad breath. If these don't do the trick, you may need to see your periodontist instead.

It goes without saying that one of the first grooming tips for men is to keep your facial canals as free of protruding hairs as you possibly can. Unless you're Einstein, the bushy ear or nose look is doing you a huge disservice, as all sane women agree. On the other hand, if each day you're getting closer to a Unified Theory of Everything, pass up the 20 or 30 bucks it would cost for an electric nose-hair trimmer and put those dollars toward your research instead. Hairy geniuses still manage to earn high marks from the ladies, especially when they publish groundbreaking theories that revolutionize the scientific world.

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