Martha Stewart Living Magazine

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Martha Stewart Living magazine is one of the most popular domestic arts publications around. In addition to enjoying popular reviews, the lifestyle publication continues to win awards for design and content. Since its first publishing in 1991, Martha Stewart Living has won three National Magazine Awards for General Excellence, and multiple awards from other organizations for content, layout and overall design.

A Thing of Beauty

As is appropriate for a publication dedicated to living a beautiful life, the magazine itself is a joy to behold. The paper stock is heavy, and feels luxurious in the hand. The photography is first-rate, making every subject look luminous. The writing is clever and informative. And even if readers don't have the time or resources to imitate the projects contained within, just reading the magazine can impart a sense of relaxation and inspiration.

Martha Stewart Living is filled with sun-filled kitchens containing gently glowing copper pans. Front doors are festooned with handmade pine cone wreaths, dotted with holly berries. Just looking at the pictures can make one feel like making one's own bread is a great idea.

Of course, very few of us have the time, the resources, or the pine trees dropping cones on our doorstep to make Martha Stewart Living a practical resource. However, for those that do, the tips they try turn out to be first rate. Who knew that a cut-up lemon can have a spic and span effect on those copper pots? Or that those colorful cupcake liners can be quickly transformed into charming wrapping paper roses? Martha knew, and now her readers do too.

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